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My Face For The World To See (1958)

by Alfred Hayes(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 3
1590176677 (ISBN13: 9781590176672)
NYRB Classics
review 1: Alfred Hayes goes two for two with this cynical look at the effects of Tinseltown on the psyche of those drawn to it's bauble. You could draw comparisons to a whole raft of authors writing at a similar time to Hayes such as Dorothy Hughes, Charles Willeford, Jim Thompson, Horace McCoy and Nathanael West but whilst Hayes shares similarities with those great authors he is entirely his own beast. My Face for the World to See is a bleak and unrelenting love story told with sparse, evocative prose, it's an analysis of greed and desire and of the emptiness of all involved in making movies, it's also an unflinching look at despair and depression, isolation and solitude. And Hayes does it as good as anyone you'll ever read.
review 2: Una novela que promete mediante un
... morecomienzo fuerte un cuerpo y un final lleno de sorpresas. Sin embargo no hay mucha a partir de la mitad y tienden a ser previsibles, el final es como cortado y aunque considero es para dejar el final a la imaginación y decisión de cada lector no me gusto tanto la forma en que lo hace. La participación de pocos personajes de igual forma vuelve monótono el argumento y los sucesos, esto provoca que se aburra un poco el lector, ya que en lo personal la abundancia de indiferencia por un lado y de depresión y dependencia por el otro no me pega tanto al libro. Julio 2012 less
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Wow. Tiny and sharp as a scalpel. Totally deserves the comparisons to Nathanael West.
Hayes is up there with Fitzgerald.
A sonorous, lovely little novella.
Bleak and sharply written.
Beautiful. Devastating.
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