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Blessed Are Those Who Thirst (1993)

by Anne Holt(Favorite Author)
3.56 of 5 Votes: 2
1451634781 (ISBN13: 9781451634785)
Hanne Wilhelmsen
review 1: It took two weeks for me to finish the first in this series. The second in the series took me two days. The same fascinating characters show up in the second, but the perspective is slightly different. While I am about to dash off to Oslo, the series is giving me a view of the city which tourists would not ordinarily see. I have enjoyed reading about the differences between the American legal system and the Norwegian one - and the similarities which we have, such as struggling with biases against immigrants. In addition, the lead character, Hanne Wilhelmsen, is incredibly cool.
review 2: The efficacy of the Scandinavian social systems seem so obvious to liberal like myself, but one of the value of all the Scandinavian/Norwegian noir of late is to remind us tha
... moret even the most socially liberal state has its villains. The second in Hanne Wihelmsen novel is set in a heat wave, but more dangerously, an overextended budget conscious police force a bit worried that they may have to cancel vacations, even as a crime wave stalks the city. What works, Hanne is a real person, not a cartoon, the crime is awful and while common, the horror of it is very real. less
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def liked this the one the best of the three books i've read by her so far
Still not as good as 1222 but her earlier works are okay.
Excellent ... I really enjoy how Anne Holt spins a tale.
A reasonably well written police procedural.
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