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Chosen By The Vampire Kings, Part 1: Mate's Lore (2014)

by Charlene Hartnady(Favorite Author)
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Charlene Hartnady
Chosen by the Vampire Kings
review 1: I have just found this book, and once I started to read it, I couldn't put it down. This was an interesting twist to a vampire story, and I'm going to buy part 2 now. I just have to find out what will happen! The writing was great, I liked the characters and the plot is very interesting. The only thing that I didn't like was that the beginning felt a little bit rushed. Part from that I highly recommend this book!
review 2: The tradition is written in stone. Every one hundred years, all single human females between the ages of eighteen and thirty are brought together in a single space where the two vampire kings will chose a mate. The chosen will then complete the mating ceremony and produce an heir who will rule as the Vampire King of the next generation. Tanya
... more is required to attend the gathering of females realizing the chances of either of the royals picking a BBW plain Jane such as herself is remote. She's already losing revenue in closing her store for the day so as far as Tanya's concerned, the quicker this farce of an event is over the better. King Brant has felt the pull of his chosen though he hasn't met her yet. Tradition dictates whoever she is, she will accept and appreciate the honor he is bestowing on her. When he finally lays eyes on Tanya he quickly moves to take her to his home anticipating many nights of passion filled sex with his new mate. Unfortunately Tanya isn't the sort of girl to appreciate the honor of being the Queen of Vampires...* * In theory this had an interesting slant. The scene was set (in reading the blurb) for a snarky battle of the sexes that I thought would be worth reading. Unfortunately, in typical serial series format, it ended with a cliffhanger ending after setting the stage for multiple possibilities and one solo erotica bedroom scene. I had issues with the world building and author's take on vampire lore and behavior. Took me a while to figure out that the setting wasn't historical. It's contemporary. The world building and back story leading up to the actual claiming ceremony (or whatever you call it) of females had too many voids for me to get on board with the concept as a whole. Was the knowledge about vampire existence generally known? Why were all females required and mandated to attend? What penalty would be incurred if they didn't attend? My questions continued as the story progressed and I only mention these because the claiming ceremony info was included in the blurb...Anyone who is thinking about grabbing this book should realize it's an evolving story that has no real HFN or HEA ending. It ends with a cliffhanger 'to be continued' that will require you to purchase the follow up installments to know the complete story. I purchased this installment (the first of six) on Amazon for $0.99 for 69 wide font double lined pages (19,000 word count). So, while the second installment scenario intrigues me, I'm not going to purchase it. less
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The writing was terrible. Couldn't get past the first couple pages.
Found this new series today and now I'm totally addicted!
Great story!
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