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The Harvest Of Grace (2011)

by Cindy Woodsmall(Favorite Author)
4.38 of 5 Votes: 5
1400073987 (ISBN13: 9781400073986)
WaterBrook Press
Ada's House
review 1: A great conclusion to the series, and it was sad to say goodbye to these characters! I really appreciated reading about a female Amish character who longs for independence and respect, since so many women in Amish novels are happy to stick with their prescribed chores and let their husband do all the talking, and it was encouraging to see how Aaron's struggles with alcohol were dealt with. Cindy Woodsmall is quickly becoming one of my favourite Amish authors, not only because her stories are so compelling, but also because the characters feel so real, and their difficulties are authentic. Even if her characters have spent their entire lives in an Amish community, they're still highly flawed and in need of God's grace. I'm definitely going to have to start another of Cindy'... mores series soon. My complaints with this book are really quite minor--there were a couple of details in Cara's old life that seemed confusing (I'd got the impression her father was abusive, but in this book it seemed he was only a drunk?), but that's about it. 4.5*I'd recommend this series to fans of Rosalind Lauer, Beth Wiseman and Amy Clipston, especially if you enjoy series that focus on different families or characters within the same community.
review 2: I was skeptical when Kelly handed the second book in this series. It was read by Cassandra Campbell, one of our favorite readers but I'd read Beverly Lewis' Amish books and while good, nothing to write home about. Cindy Woodsmall changed my mind about the Amish genre. Her characters were real human beings with faults, warts, problems and all. But they also loved one another, working together as family letting God led the way. I miss them all already--Ephraim, Kara, Lori, Ada, Deborah, Jonathan, Israel, Lena and Gray, Aaron, Sylvia, Trevor and so many more. Real people who can safely say but for the grace of God go I. less
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I'm sorry to see this series come to an end. I'll miss reading about these characters!
This was the third and last of Ada house, it was great, I enjoy them all.
Excellent series. Can't wait to get the next book by this author.
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