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Sleeping Beauty's Daughters (2013)

by Diane Zahler(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 3
0062004964 (ISBN13: 9780062004963)
review 1: This is a sort of fractured fairy tale, in a world where Sleeping Beauty woke up from her curse and her daughter is also cursed at birth. Aurora and Luna are two princesses who don't understand why they are never allowed to leave their castle, and why there is nothing sharp to be found. Then their mother tells them her story, about sleeping for a hundred years until their father awoke her with a kiss. The oldest daughter is cursed, and if she pricks her finger she too will fall into a deep sleep. After a tutor mistakenly brings in a sharp quill pen, Aurora pricks her finger. Her only hope is the fairy godmother, Emmeline, who has not been seen in years. Tales of adventure ensue while Aurora fights sleep. With the help of a local orphan fisherman, the sisters encounter beas... morets, mermaids, maniacal storms, and water lutins. An easy sell to readers of fairy tales and princess stories, but this one does also offer some adventure.
review 2: A delightfully inventive story that picks up where the famous fairy tale concludes. Sleeping Beauty's daughters, Aurora and Luna, exhibit familiar, modern-day sibling rivalries despite the book's magical and remote setting -- a seaside palace -- and a landscape beset by all manner of dangerous fairies and marauding beasts. Luna, the younger daughter, is a mischievous yet vulnerable bundle of energy and bravado. Zahler dramatizes her transformation from self-indulgent brat to supportive and self-sacrificing sister through sharp, observant characterization. Zahler's prose is vivid and lyrical, her pacing is brisk -- but unlike many middle-grade writers, she understands that an engrossing narrative requires evocation, not simply continual dialogue, explosions, and sound bites. This is a book that will feed young imaginations and is clearly the product of a rich and active one. less
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I loved this book! it was easy to read and very exciting and adventurous. I loved it!
Interesting book, had good connections to Sleeping Beauty. Kept you reading.
i liked the book, but the ending was a bit strange...
Intriguing take. I like the author's writing style
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