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Posh And Prejudice (2009)

by Grace Dent(Favorite Author)
3.58 of 5 Votes: 3
0316034851 (ISBN13: 9780316034852)
Little, Brown Young Readers
Diary of a Chav
review 1: i like shiraz bailey wood so much better than georgia nicholson. there, i said it, and i know they're fighting words to aficionados, but seriously. she's smarter and she's sweeter and she's a better friend and she is preoccupied with many, many things instead of just boys and kissing boys and attracting boys. also, less twee and "oo, look at me." i am super bummed that the rest of the series isn't yet avaiable in america, but maybe that's just another excuse to plan a trip to london.
review 2: Reviewed by Jaglvr for TeensReadToo.comMs. Dent brings us another installment in the life of Shiraz Bailey Wood. Originally published in Great Britain as SLINGING THE BLING, the United States now gets more crazy adventures from Shiraz.Shiraz gets her GCSE (General Certifi
... morecate of Secondary Education) results back. She can't believe her eyes when she reads her scores. Not only are they not bad, they're actually really good. So good, in fact, that she seriously has to consider continuing with her education into the sixth form at the new addition at Mayflower Academy. She decides she doesn't want to spend her life working at Mr. Yolk, so she signs up.Her decision may just change the direction of her life.Her newfound study habits force a rift between and her boyfriend, Wesley. She makes some new friends, some unexpected ones. And she is pursued by the hottest boy in her class, Joshua. But classes are hard, and she's put in charge of the Increase the Peace campaign. The campaign brings such promising press to Mayflower that Prince Charles is going to visit.As with DIARY OF A CHAV, POSH AND PREJUDICE is an entertaining read. The glossary at the back of the book comes in handy, as there are far more slang words in this one than the first installment. But the situations that Shiraz finds her in are amusing and resolved in a manner fitting of a chav trying to step outside of her lot in life. less
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I mean, for what it was. Great for the beach--another Adrian Mole?
Neices book as before, very funny once again
Good story line a bit naff!
havnt seen this yet
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