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A Rare Breed Of Love: The True Story Of Baby And The Mission She Inspired To Help Dogs Everywhere (2008)

by Jana Kohl(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 4
1416564039 (ISBN13: 9781416564034)
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review 1: This book was in a prize package I received from an adult summer reading program at the library.I think this book would have been better in the format of a coffee table book. The chapters were so redundant. The only part that was interesting to me were the pictures of the celebrities with Baby/their dogs. I think there should have been a brief introduction about Baby's story and the horrors of puppy mills and the rest should have been pictures of celebrities and their dogs/Baby and maybe a blip on the celebrity's dog(s) or why they support the cause. The end!The author humanized dogs and animalized humans in this book. I like dogs, but I don't believe they should be treated like humans. They do not need to have a birthday cake on their birthdays as they don't even ha... moreve the cognitive function to know what a birthday is or recognize that it is their birthday. This is simply an expression of love by dog owners. I do think dogs enrich lives and should not be mistreated, but they are pets and not people.The writing was also poor. I just didn't enjoy the presentation of this information.
review 2: A former mill breeding dog who escaped death by a whisker, Baby is helping to put a face on the story behind all of those "doggies in the window." Although parts of this book are a little too celebrity-focused for my taste (I really don't care if this or that TV star thinks Baby is cute), I enjoyed reading about the poodle's antics and her guardian's journey from being completely unaware of puppy mills to vociferously crusading against them. Also, Kohl got the snapshot of a lifetime when she photographed a pre-Presidential Barack Obama cuddling the dog in front of the Lincoln memorial. less
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Just LOOKING at this book makes me cry. I'm afraid to start READING it!
A good read about how inspiring a dog can be. He gave me motivation.
i feel like the sincerity of the author is lacking...
I loved this book. It really opened my eyes.
I have to keep putting this down
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