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The Extra Ordinary Life Of Frank Derrick, Age 81 (2014)

by J.B. Morrison(Favorite Author)
3.69 of 5 Votes: 4
1447252748 (ISBN13: 9781447252740)
Pan Books
review 1: Well, thank the Lord that that is over. I don't usually keep reading a book if I'm not enjoying it but something told me that there must be an epic ending to this book as it was so utterly uneventful throughout so the reward must be an awesome ending. I was wrong. very boring and pointless from beginning to end. Apologies to the Author, i'm sure other people like it but it did not strike a chord with me. I gave it two stars rather than the one I felt it deserved because I laughed out loud once.
review 2: An interesting book, although to be honest, not a lot happens really. Frank is an irascible, ornery old man who finds his life is changed when he has an accident and needs a home help for a few months. His loneliness is very apparent & it's uncomfortable readi
... moreng of how he is so short of money that he resorts to petty crime. I was happy that the book didn't have the ending I half expected it to have and was relieved at Frank's reunion with Bill. less
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Laugh out loud in places. The end disappointed me but it was well worth the read.
Laugh-out-loud funny, and very genuine. I loved this book.
smart, very funny, witty. sad at times
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