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Ecstasy Unveiled (2010)

by Larissa Ione(Favorite Author)
4.37 of 5 Votes: 4
0446556823 (ISBN13: 9780446556828)
review 1: This continues to be a fast-paced, enjoyable series full of intriguing world building, moral gray areas, and lots of steamy content. At this point, the characters are starting to blur together a bit in my mind, which is the main reason I'm going three stars. The bad-ass heroes and heroines need a bit more variance, and I wasn't sure I entirely bought into Lore's back story. Lore is hired to kill someone that Ides must protect in order to earn her wings into heaven. She would kill Lore to stop him except -- it turns out she has to protect Lore too. Lore is an assassin, but he's not in it for the money -- he's in it for his sister's freedom, which makes it tough to convince him to back off. I do continue to recommend this story to adult paranormal/urban fantasy enthusi... moreasts.
review 2: it was enjoyable overall, but I didn't enjoy this one as much as the previous ones, I didn't feel the romance between Lore and Idess and the fact that she would lose her angel status for having intercourse is a bit overdone in my opinion and I just don't like how in these books the female always loses something for having sex.I'm somehow curios about Sin and the next book, although I didn't enjoy her fling with that vampire/werewolf. less
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I took me a while to get into but Lore grew on me until I was in love! He's one hot half breed! :-)
One word - HOT!
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