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Crossing The Borders Of Time: A True Story Of War, Exile, And Love Reclaimed (2012)

by Leslie Maitland(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 5
1590514963 (ISBN13: 9781590514962)
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review 1: The facts in this story were fascinating and well told. Understanding the feelings of displacement and war through the eyes of a teenager brings the reader to an emotional place not easily approached in stories of the Holocaust. However I need to add that I found the author's manipulation of her mother's decades-ago affair to be a bit too much about the author's romantic yearnings for her mother, and therefore a bit uncomfortable.
review 2: This book is wonderfully researched and really gave me a picture of how the French were to the Jews during WWII. But it wasn't just a story about the holocaust. It was a family story and a love story. t had a hard time with the ending and that the children were okay with it. During book club we had a chance to speak to t
... morehe author and it gave me a better understanding and could reconcile the choice better. Given the circumstances presented it was the only kind solution. less
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No relation; enjoyed this book-- intense subject matter, thorough and thoughtful, well written
I wanted to like it,I really did. Is it ok if I hated the ending of a nonfiction book?
I could not put the book down! A riveting true story of war, loss, and true love.
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