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Let's Get Naked (2011)

by Marianne LaCroix(Favorite Author)
2.93 of 5 Votes: 3
Ellora's Cave Sophisticate
review 1: The vulgar title is not a proper calling card for this short story as the reader is taken into the emotion filled world of a woman approaching middle age. Women, as a rule, have relatively few years of their lives when they are at their most physically pleasing in both theirs and others eyes. Madison is such a woman in that vulnerable and susceptible stage of life. She has fantasized about her neighbor Ryan Dunlap for a long time but with the sour taste of divorce still in her mouth, her fantasies don’t develop into anything close to physical. Like millions of people today, Maddie readily enters a relationship in cyberspace. Her she feels safe hiding behind her perceived anonymity. When her internet partner suggests stepping it up a notch and taking it to the next level ... moreby actually meeting, she agrees. Needless to say that the online lovers were actually neighbors which leads to the real meat of this sexual smorgasbord. If the author would have spent more time in developing the story and characters and less time describing a physical liaison gone wild and if she would have used a title less offensive, she could and should attract a wider reading audience. As it is, the only thing it has going for it is that it’s free and the world is full of people that are willing to read anything.
review 2: I can describe this entire book in 6 words: contains every cliche known to man.Hot, older woman lusts after hot, younger neighbor. Woman has online fling with mystery man....they agree to meet. Mystery man is the hot neighbor. They proceed to have hot monkey sex. Really, that's the book in a nutshell.The sex scenes were hot, but nothing special. Mostly, the book was just really predictable. But hey.....it was free from Amazon. And, it was an ok way to spend 30 minutes of my time. I didn't hate it.....but I didn't love it either. less
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characters were somewhat boring, but the erotic part was very nicely written and not trashy.
Would have liked for this one to be longer.
3.5 very short, hot reaf
It was for free
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