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Almost Super (2014)

by Marion Jensen(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 5
0062209612 (ISBN13: 9780062209610)
review 1: Rafter and his brother Benny are looking forward to the best night of their lives: they are about to get their superpowers and join their family in battling evil. Instead, they end up with the world’s worst “powers” and are determined to find out what has gone wrong, even when that means teaming up with the villainous daughter of their arch-enemies. This book is funny and full of action, but what I really liked is how it examines what it means to do the right thing, even when you are powerless.
review 2: This book was a lot of fun. The story was pretty straight-forward, but threw in a couple of twists that kept me guessing. I liked the characters (though, as in a lot of middle grade books, the adults were a bit thick-headed), and I liked the underlying me
... moressage. A quick, enjoyable afternoon read. I would guess that kids will love it. The ending is open for a sequel, which I'll likely pick up when it comes out. less
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SUCH a fun book. If your kids like superheros, check this one out. Loved it!
Lotta fun! Well-done!
Awesome Book
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