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Wednesday Comics (2010)

by Mark Chiarello(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 4
1401227473 (ISBN13: 9781401227470)
DC Comics
review 1: Some amazing stories in here. I will ignore the Superman and Teen Titans for the sake of the score. Those two subtract a star each for the disappointment. Most notable are the Adam Strange and Hawkman stories. The Green Lantern one is a an excellent golden age era tale. The Wonder Woman set is a good story hampered by over eager layouts, if you aren't comfortable with the visual language of comics then this one will frustrate.
review 2: Really inspirational for me to see how each creative team tackled the unique "sunday" format. One that really stood out for me was the green lantern story: The artwork was amazing and they threw elements of "the right stuff" into it, and I love that movie. The flash story was similarly spectacular. The tone of much of the m
... moreaterial was a mix of parody and reverence for the golden age. I don't read superhero comics much these days unless it is something special and peripheral like this. less
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Although not as visceral or bold as the newsprint original, an impressive and gorgeous collection.
A compendium of short stories that range from great to pretty bad, but it's all fun.
Paul Pope's Strange Adventures was the best of the bunch!
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