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A Royal Pain (2012)

by Megan Mulry(Favorite Author)
3.01 of 5 Votes: 4
1402269978 (ISBN13: 9781402269974)
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Unruly Royals
review 1: This book had a perfectly nice plot potential until I flipped to the first page and started reading. The characters were slightly too atricious (nobody talks like that, not a lot do!), storyline unclear and it just went to shambles. A bright side was the first parts of the book were actually pretty good for me, so 2 stars for that (and the way they meet in a bookstore). The rest, though...sometimes I enjoyed, sometimes not really that much.
review 2: I liked the opening, American scenes of this, with the delicate sketching in of the love affair. The book seemed to go downhill a lot when it reached the UK, however. There was a great build up about how awful the hero's mother would be - but in the event this meant she was slightly sniffy over lunch once. There
... more was tremendous angst about the heroine's perceived inability to be a successful duchess - but what a successful duchess would be, and why she wasn't one just didn't get described.So, I read it, I finished it, I didn't mind it, but I'm not going back to it. less
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Really enjoyed the story, but the sex and language was a bit much.
Cute book. Will def. read the next in the series.
For a chick flick beach read, this wasn't bad.
I hate abrupt endings.
Easy read.
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