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Candy Bomber (2010)

by Michael O. Tunnell(Favorite Author)
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1580893376 (ISBN13: 9781580893374)
review 1: "Candy Bomber The Story of the Berlin Airlifts 'Chocolate Pilot'" by Michael O. Tunnell was about Gail Halvorsen, who was a pilot after World War II. One day he was on his way to take a tour of the city when he noticed a group of children, inside the city fence, who were very hungry. All that Gail Halvorsen had on him was two pieces of gum so he handed them to the kids and what happened inspired him. He was inspired to start 'operation little vittles', as it was later known as. He would drop parachutes holding candy to the people inside of the Berlin walls, which led to a series of accomplishments and recognitions. A quote which made me make connections and wonder about the world was “The lucky four who had plucked that half sticks from his fingers kept the gum,... more but they ripped the wrappers into strips, passing them around so everyone could breathe in the sweet, minty smell” (21). This excerpt was significant to me because the way the children handled dividing the pieces of gum was so mature. None of them were greedy even though they have next to nothing. Meanwhile, a majority of the privileged people in America are the greediest and just want more. This surprised me because I feel like if I was in that situation I would have reacted in a different way. Yes, I would recommend this book to a classmate, but only if they were looking for a non-fiction book because although this wasn't a strictly informational book it got boring at times. Non-fiction isn't a genre I really like though so it could have just been my taste. People who enjoyed "Amelia Lost" by Candace Fleming would enjoy "Candy Bomber The Story of the Berlin Airlifts 'Chocolate Pilot'" by Michael O. Tunnell because they are both stories about inspiring pilots.
review 2: This is an awesome book and a great way to introduce students to post World War 2 topics. The story is about an American pilot who goes against the rules in order to bring joy to poor German children after German had been divided by the Allied Forces. The pilot gets the idea to drop candy from handmade parachutes while flying over parks and neighborhoods to children who are struggling after the end of the war. This pilot's act because a huge success and ignites a wonderful campaign that really sheds some good light on seemingly dark times. This is a must have for any classroom. less
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Great inspirational true story. The world needs more Lt. Halvorsens.
Awesome man. wonderful book.
Great book for any age.
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