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Deceiving Lies (2014)

by Molly McAdams(Favorite Author)
4.34 of 5 Votes: 3
0062299328 (ISBN13: 9780062299321)
William Morrow Paperbacks
Forgiving Lies
review 1: What an edge of your seat, nail biting conclusion to this series! My goodness I really wasn't sure which way this story was going to go! My heart was pounding and my hands were shaking at certain parts!We pick up where Forgiving Lies ends, there are a few little flashbacks as to what led up to the end of the first book. But damn. I wanted to cry right along with poor Kash when Rachel was kidnapped. I wanted to hate the man that took her, but he ended up stealing a little piece of my heart as well. I loved Kash and Rachel as a couple in the first book, I do love me a good love triangle story though, and Trent was a interesting little monkey wrench thrown into their lives. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and read it in a day. Sad to see these characters leave us, but the stor... morey definitely leaves the reader in a good place, all I's dotted and T's crossed. ~ Erin, 5 Stars
review 2: BOOK REVIEW by Michelle 10th March 2014:RATING: 4.25 KASH & MASON & NEW GUY STARS!I thought this book was going to take off right where Forgiving Lies ended, but instead Molly does a little rewind on us and takes us back a bit and gives us some playful Kash and Rachel. You know when an author gives us happy times, we sometimes suspect that it is there for the impact of the bad time that is around the corner. Forgiving Lies gave the reader an insight into what was coming up. I did enjoy reading this rewind part of the story.I enjoyed this installment, that little bit more than Forgiving Lies. Kash grew on me more, Mason is still such a great , grounded character and then......enter new guy. Now I won’t tell you his name, because that would be a spoiler. I LOVE new guy. The thing with new guy, is he was always safe so I kind of missed the danger of Rachel’s situation. I got glimpses of it, for spoiler reasons I won’t say anything. But I kind of felt like she was safe in his hands. There were threats of imminent danger, but with nail polish and goodies, it didn’t have the impact on me it could have. New guy oozed protection. New guy is flawed, but I loved him a lot.Poor Kash and Mason were feeling the danger and stress of Rachel’s situation.I can’t help thinking new guy may get a book. I would read a book on new guy. He tickled my fancy. I did feel maybe things were too easily resolved. I could really see some places where some real action and drama could have filled places. Candice, oh, Candice, how you annoy the living bajeeesusss out of me. There is something about her that gripes my grapes. I would not have a friend like her. She isn’t loyal how a friend should be. She is a yo-yo character. Up and down. She doesn't get a big part in this book, but my grapes were still griped.Mason oh Mason, she may be a good bang, but if you ever get a book, and you wind up with Candice...But, things look promising and that may not be an issue.Overall, I did enjoy this installment and I think Mason and new guy are my fave lads in this series. Kash definitely earned more stripes with me in this installment.I am looking forward to # 3 in this series. I do have my fingers crossed that new guy gets a book. Humma! Humma! It may be Mason's next. I will just have to wait and see.I laughed when I saw these Sour Patch Kids lollies in my Coles store . Had to buy them.Well done Molly. I am looking forward to reading more.Michelle less
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the only thing that saved this book was the excellent ending. The rest? I wouldn't bother with.
I needed a quick, easy read & that's exactly what this was.
Meh, the first one was so much better.
Loved this ending for Rachel and Kash!
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