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Promise Me Light (2013)

by Paige Weaver(Favorite Author)
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Paige Weaver
Promise Me
review 1: **I was gifted a copy of this book**I absolutely loved Ryder and Maddie in Promise Me Darkness and couldn't wait to continue their story. Ryder is protective, possessive, gorgeous, sexy, a hot alpha male and Maddie is the girl that has always had his heart. Best friends to lovers, Ryder and Maddie are soul mates and Paige Weaver told a beautiful love story. "I love you Maddie. You're my past. My present. My future. You're my life. And I will always love you."~ RyderIn Promise Me Light, the United States is still under attack and when the others return home from rescuing Eva, Ryder is not with them. He was shot, captured and believed to be dead. For months, Ryder is missing but Maddie never gives up hope that her true love will return to her and her unborn child. Overall, I... more enjoyed the story. The flashbacks of them growing up were sweet and it was great to see how much they cared for each other and stuck together through the years. The story however, did drag a lot and seemed a little repetitive at times. Loved the ending and the epilogue from Ryder's POV.
review 2: Normalerweise bin ich ja nicht so der Fan von diesen Bücher mit Weltuntergangsstimmung aber dieses Buch ist durchaus real geschrieben. Im zweiten Teil wird der Kampf ums nackte Überleben beschrieben und dies hat an einigen Stellen wirklich Gänsehaut verbreitet sowie auch Emotionen, die einem einfach nur zum Weinen bringen konnten. Liebe überwindet alles, auch in schlechten Zeiten, danke für dieses Buch. less
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Maddie and Ryder so cute! The book definitely one of my favorites!!!
Loved! Loved! Loved!
great book!!!
Loved it!
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