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Steampunk Holmes: Legacy Of The Nautilus (2012)

by P.C. Martin(Favorite Author)
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Noble Beast, LLC
review 1: I haven't read "The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans" so I can't tell you how close this compares action/story wise. But I did think this is a well done attempt at blending Sherlock Holmes and the steampunk genre. Mycroft is female, a twist that was pulled off splendidly, Watson has a mechanical arm, and Sherlock loves his motorcycle 'Widowmaker.' Again, since I haven't read the original story, I can't give much more feedback on the similarities/differences. As soon as I get a copy and read it, I will update this review.
review 2: I was quite excited for this a major fan of the Canon and of steampunk. Sadly it was a pretty mediocre effort. A reworking of a classic tale, shoehorning references to captain nemo, which added nothing to the original. Ther
... moree were too many coincidences especially about the doings at the Foul Fish and Fowl. There is no way that Conan Doyle would have had such contrived conveniences to reach a solution. The steampunk aspects also didn't add anything -- cyborg? Check. pointless airship? Check. Mysterious energy source? Check. But the whole story was told better in the original without any of those things necessary. less
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A blatant and poorly written rip-off of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's short story "the Naval Treaty."
Really fun steampunk redo of "The Bruce Partington Plans". I hope they do more.
It was not bad, but it was too much hyped through the kickstarter.
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