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Some Kind Of Magic (2011)

by R. Cooper(Favorite Author)
3.59 of 5 Votes: 5
161581969X (ISBN13: 9781615819690)
Dreamspinner Press
Being(s) in Love
review 1: I enjoyed "A Boy and his Dragon" a lot, so I didn't care about some of the reviews here and downloaded "Some Kind of Magic" - and what can I say: I'm not disappointed, not at all. It was exactly what I hoped it would be: bright, cheerful, sexy and nevertheless romantic on a certain level. There were parts I could smile brightly and there were some others were my eyes got a little wet. It was so easy to connect with those guys.Guess I don't have to tell anything about the story because all the other reviews already did that. Just have to tell that I really enjoyed the world Ms.Cooper created were 'Beings' came out and found a place in the human world. It's amazing how easy she's describing the differences between the different species. It's not that Beings are only humans i... moren disguise or creatures with a special talent, they see the world different and act on their nature which makes it sometimes difficult to fit in and that obviously doesn't apply only to human-being relations but also to those between beings. Hope there will be more stories like these two. Simply need to know more about that world (btw Ms.Cooper: do you remember how it was at the time the beings decided to come out? Hm, but maybe that story will never be told because it surely has a different color … oh, and I really agree to your remark about olive-juice).
review 2: Having thoroughly enjoyed "A Boy and His Dragon," I was eager to try this book out. The reviews I read warned me off, though, and I would have skipped it had I not been encouraged by a friend to read it.I am very glad he did. I would have missed out on another treasure. Cooper's talent for digging into the origins and peculiarities of each type of Being is really a delight. She has an enviable way of showing how dragons, werewolves and faeries all approach love, making it clearly different from human love and yet entirely understandable.In this book, Cooper asks the question, "what happens when a Being who mates for life finds his mate is a type of Being who has no ability to stick with anything for long?"I simply love the way Cooper creates entirely plausible and unique barriers for her lovers to overcome. The barriers frustrate you in the best ways, because you understand why the boys don't just ignore them.I liked Ray, the werewolf MC, but I loved Cal the faerie. In fact, Cooper's faeries are far and away my favorite Beings. They're ditzy sugar-fiends with a compulsion to cling to whatever brings them happiness--a truly lovely interpretation of fairies.The mystery plot line was a little rocky, but it added some needed action to the plot. There was something weird about Steve the demon, because it seemed like we were supposed to know who he was. But those little quibbles took nothing away from the story. less
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