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Gamble On Engagement (2000)

by Rachel Astor(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 5
McMaster the Disaster
review 1: Entertaining and quick, feel good story. There was a more detail to the writing, so I feel like I got more from this book, but what I didn't get was much by way of relationship detail for Jake and Josie, and that was kind of the point of continuing the series. The proposal was, dare I say, whack (hello 1990's)! I believe the author has a lot of potential, but needs a good editor and peer reviewers in her corner. Will definitely be reading the final installment for, hopefully, more detail on Jake and Josie getting married.3-Stars
review 2: This book was not as interesting as the first one. Im not sure exactly with the author intentions were in this book. Book 1 was about a young lady entering a contest and meeting a movie star, in which she dated. This book
... more did not relate to the courtship of Jake and Josie at all, they had one date that was only 3 pages in the entire book. This book focused more on the prince and Josie's diary entries. So not worth it, I dont think I will be picking up the third book of this series. less
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Quite possibly the biggest waste of time ever.
This was so hysterical. I love it!
really funny
Great book
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