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Un Treno Pieno Di Vento (2011)

by Rae Meadows(Favorite Author)
3.34 of 5 Votes: 2
8817047201 (ISBN13: 9788817047203)
review 1: Having coincidentally just finished The Chaperone, which happens to be about the same subject matter, I could not help but compare the two. I found this book a bit undeveloped...the characters and story lines for each one just seemed to be lacking. In fact, when I got to the last page, I was left with a sense of "that's it?". It was as if the author was given a word limit and hadn't thought the story out so had to wrap it up in 2 pages. Lots of unanswered questions...
review 2: I picked this up to read on the plane, and found it entertaining. I am always interested in any fiction involving the Orphan Trains. Three generations of women are introduced here, the first one being the young girl, Violet, whose mother is an opium addict and sends her away on the
... more Orphan Train. We the readers know that, but the next two generations of women in the family will have to find that out: Violet's daughter, Iris, a divorcee who is oddly at peace though dying of cancer, and her daugher Samantha, a potter and anxious new mother herself. A few of the plotlines didn't really add up for me, but I enjoyed spending time with these characters. less
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This was a fascinating read about the orphan trains and several generations in a family of women.
Enjoyed this book, but found the jumping around from perspective to perspective a bit confusing.
Quick read, good story, if a little dull.
vey sad
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