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I have been going back and forth and whether to post a BBG transformation photo just yet because, I’ll be honest, I’ve been a bit nervous. I am a fairly modest person, so posting any kind of picture of my body like this is a little unnverving, BUT…I wanted to show you how amazing this program really is and how much confidence I have already gained with my health because of it.

So, here we go…

After only TWO weeks of BBG Beginner…
(please ignore the mess in the background haha)


That’s my transformation so far! It isn’t much, but to me it is something! The left is PRE BBG and the right is two weeks after. I am wearing the same pair of leggings.

If you are someone that is on any sort of exercise/diet plan, make sure you take pictures at least weekly. When you look at yourself every day, it is hard to see any progress. Take a picture and you’ll be amazed! I am excited about starting the official BBG program on the 15th and taking the challenge with people around the world!

This is after two weeks of completing the BBG Beginner workouts (leg day, arm&ab day, total body day, three cardio sessions, and two recovery sessions a week) and also somewhat following the diet plan/recipes on the SWEAT App. If I don’t make a recipe directly off the app, I am either having Cheat Day (woo hoo!) or I am making something healthy off of Pinterest!

Also, I needed this transformation picture after my last workout! My workout was Arms&Abs and I finally had a move that I can barely do (mountain climbers and push-ups, 4:1). I really struggled with my workout yesterday. It was hard. But I felt super accomplished that I finished it. I didn’t quit. I wanted to…I really, really wanted to, but I kept going. I push myself and the reward was great. Transformation pictures help keep you going when you really just want to give up and eat a bunch of pizza! LOL!

If you have a blog that you are talking about your health journey or transformations, give this a like or comment your blog below so I can follow you! I would love to be in a community of supportive people and be able to support others as well!



Romans 12:12

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