Blogmas day 2 – Fatal 5

Hello everyone!

So it’s the second day in December and I have already seen a rush of people on the roads going to or coming back from doing their Christmas shopping. On Friday 30th November 2017 (This Friday), my college went to my local Fire Station to learn about car safety.

I know this is where most of you will switch off (I would of too) BUT I promise you there can be some life saving information here which I have also learned during my hands on experience.

Statistics show that this time of the year is the most popular time for Road Traffic Collisions!

What is the Fatal 5?

(Image from

This is the campaign the Emergency Services in Wales campaign about to do with road safety. In England you will probably recognise it if I said the Fatal 4.

I had a fantastic experience with the Fire Service and I got to try hand on experience of these horrific events! My first experience was watching videos from real RTC’s (Road Traffic Collisions) and showing the impact that it has on you, your family, the other driver/passengers in your car and the other cars involved, your employees, friends etc

My second experience was to use a go cart on a circuit marked with cones and put on some Beer Goggles and it would simulate you drink driving, if I was actually really driving I would of injured 6 people!!! It proper opened my way of thinking when it comes to drink driving!

And my third experience was using virtual reality goggles I was in the car with 3 other people one of them being the driver and I was messing around on the phone with everyone until the driver was so distracted we had a head on collision with a tractor, it was so scary it felt like I was really there!

I will post some links now below of some videos, please take some time to watch them, it will make you consider the Fatal 5 so much more, even if your not a driver like myself.

Speeding video

Seatbelts – Three Strikes

Drink Driving

I hope I have been able to educate some of you today or even help you understand how important the Fatal 5 is. I think the videos speak for themselves!

Thank you all for reading today’s post, it may have just saved someone’s life!

Speak soon



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