Geronimo’s Skull

On Feb. 17, the 100-year anniversary of Apache warrior Geronimo’s death, his descendants filed a suit in Washington. According to the Washington Post, the defendants are “President Obama, the secretaries of defense and the Army, Yale University and the Order of Skull and Bones” – and, presumably, the Russell Trust Association as well.

Geronimo v. Obama, 09-cv-303, U.S. District Court, District of Columbia, seeks to “[t]o ensure that all existing remains of Geronimo and funerary objects are recovered by Geronimo’s lineal descendants, the Order of Skull & Bones at Yale University must account for any such articles that are or have been in their possession,” Bloomberg reported.

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bonesmenAlleged grave robbers, clockwise from top left: Prescott Bush ’17, Charles C. Haffner ’19, Henry Neil Mallon ’17, and Ellery James ’17.


Haffner, who is credited with the theft of Geronimo’s skull in the recently discovered letter, went on to become a general in World War II and then chair of the printing company R. R. Donnelly & Sons. A purported Skull and Bones account of the theft, leaked in the 1980s, identifies the other three by name. Bush became a Connecticut businessman, a U.S. senator, and the father and grandfather of two U.S. presidents. Mallon became chair of the oilfield service company Dresser Industries and the first employer of George H. W. Bush ’48. James was a banker with Brown Brothers Harriman until his untimely death in 1932 (from Yale Alumni Magazine).

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