My Month in Books (#3)

Happy New Year! I’ve decided that 2018 is going to be awesome because (1) I want it to be, (2) I’ve got plans simmering on the metaphorical stove, and they’re about ready, and (3) 18 is my lucky number.

We rang it in last night with good friends and family. I totally wanted to bail and go home at 9:30 because I’m old now apparently and can’t stay up. But I persevered and managed some cursory midnight celebrations. (It did make me miss my old tradition of staying in with good food, movies, and being asleep well before midnight. Like I said, I’m old now apparently.)

But you don’t care about that, because everyone had their own version of NYE. Whether you partied it up, froze your tuchus off outside somewhere with a whole lot of strangers, or blissfully slept through it, I hope it was exactly what you wanted!

Since it’s the first Monday of the month (which, in this context, is secondary to being the first day of the year), I owe you a reading update. So continue on…

Highlights from December: I finally finished that dang book I struggled through during November.

Not highlights: I didn’t finish anything else.

Neutral-lights: I was reading.

In early December I acquired You’re a Badass at Making Money, companion to You’re a Badass, which I read and loved last winter.

Because I’m becoming stellar at procrastinating, falling asleep on the couch, and being busy, I haven’t finished YaBaMM yet. It’s also because I forgot New Year’s Day was a Monday, so I thought I had a few more days to knock this puppy out before I had to report on my December reading. (Womp womp.)

So there you have it, another month of lackluster reading. I truly want to read more. I just need to find the right book for me right now. You know, the book that will cause me to abandon all of my responsibilities as a functional human being and instead lounge around in bed reading like it’s the sole purpose of my existence. If you know of any book that might induce that reaction, please pass along its name!

Do you have any good book recommendations? Help a desperate reader out!

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