PELTS – Discover The Dark and Dreamy Beauty Of Their New Double A-Side Single…

Vibes that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…

From Glasgow, Scotland here’s six-piece PELTS presenting themselves as: ““A band forged
in 2013 by a shared desire to make cheerful chamber pop, but something went wrong. First,
the sound morphed into something we initially labeled ‘Gospel Shoegaze’. But now, four years down the road, with everything life can throw at you – working tough jobs, bringing up kids in an unforgiving city, all while trying to make music, we’ve become something darker, more determined, and more interesting Pelts are a Trojan drummer; a demented guitar fiend; a loopy brass section; a mercurial master of keys; a quietly wise and melodic bass man; and a magical, heady vocal combination of rich baritone and plaintive fragility.”

With new double A-side single ‘The Severed Sea’/’Black Feathers’ the band reveal their newfound direction. Both songs breathe beautifully. Compelling arrangements, multi-layered orchestrations and appealing male/female vocals create an overall touching, gloomy and dreamy mood to get lost in and that will remind you of great melancholia bands such as Belle and Sebastian, The National and The Walkmen. Discover the splendor here…

PELTS: Website – Twitter – Iffy Folk Records

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