Sleepy Sunday

Today was day two of sleeping in until 10:30. I still think that there is a part of me that wants to be hibernating. Speaking of….with all of this warm weather I am surprised that I haven’t seen more animals on the side of the road. They must know something that we do not. I made massive amounts of wedding soup today and had to have the door open and I opened one window. The cat was in his glory, he loves to sit in the window. I was a sweaty mess, seriously….I was parboiling.

I brought soup over to KB as well as some bath salts. When your husband unexpectedly dies at 43 and you say you want some bath salts…..I’m going to give you bath salts. I brought some soup over to RD as well. I haven’t seen her since before Christmas. I have some in the fridge for my little buddy who lost her mom yesterday because she wasn’t home. I’ll get it to her sometime this week.

I tried to catch up on some cleaning today while I listened to a new book. I’m already halfway through it, it’s pretty good.  Whoever is reading this book is excellent.

I’m curious to see how it all ties up. I was sucked in from the first disc so hopefully it doesn’t let me down.

With the exception of delivering soup the girl and I didn’t venture out much this weekend. Although we did find her perfect tea accessory yesterday…..

I am still stuck on the cinnamon sage tea although the raspberry blend made a nice ice tea. Everybody around here is big on “infused water” which I don’t care for so I brewed some of this loose tea in a large mason jar and stuck it in the refrigerator. It’s pretty tasty so I will be doing some more experimenting with some of the new teas.

We also stopped at Ulta because I needed concealer and powder. Last time I was there they were out of my Nyx concealer, today it looks like they are getting rid of my rice powder.

I was so irritated when I left that store that I told the girl “mark my words, by this time next year I will be making my own makeup.” Let me put a little clause in that statement, I do not mean my Estee Lauder foundation.  The rest of it? Heck yeah I can and I will.

Hopefully I will be able to get some of my purging/organizing done this week? Right now it’s bed time. I hope your weekend was more exciting than mine…..Zia

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