SUSCEPTIBLE \sə-ˈsep-tə-bəl\ adjective : easily affected, influenced, or harmed by something : capable of being affected by a specified action or process Influence and waves are closely akin. Waves crashing and  pebbles are carried along to the coast. Not just pebbles but it carries and pushes anything to the shore. No matter how big it is, it will be carried along since the force it creates will deprive the object’s control to swim through the current and will go with the flow until it reached the sandbar. The influence of others either good or bad will change you as a person. Influence will induce new learning, positive disposition in life or produce bad habits. Sometimes when you are influenced by others you risked your own uniqueness because you seem to act like them and you follow their preferences, way of life and style. You already have a distinct personality but you try to change it because you think that there are far better attractive qualities you can mimic and thought that suits you which are more appealing to others. That made you a pathetic person because your priority is other people’s impression and not on the comfort you felt when you are clad in your own original self. On the other side, through influence a person will be inspired to engage in activities that uplifts self-esteem and will develop a person’s creativity and innovativeness. From a seed buried in soil, there grows a flower that blooms with petals so vulnerable to different elements. Strongs winds detach them from its receptacle and they will dry under the intense heat of the sun. People don’t see this weakness on flowers because it is overshadowed by its natural beauty. Colorful petals and its fragrances deceives your senses. But even if people don’t mind that flowers are susceptible, people know that they are real sensitive creatures. Despite of its frailness, you still value and appreciate it. Admit it, you are WEAK. I will reiterate, “You are Weak” because you are also vulnerable to various elements that surround you. Sickness and accidents can cause physical harm to your body. Criticisms, hate and insecurities can affect your emotional state that will make you feeble. But always remember this, why do people love flowers? because it blossom regardless of different circumstances. Human strenght is all about talent, intelligence, abilities, skills, kindness and love. Harness these strenghts and these will obscure each weaknesses. People are normally born as vulnerable individuals, just learn how to be strong. When they will start to rock the boat, don’t panic, instead find your balance. Notes: Reference: Merriam-Webster Story by: Cliffy Fifi Cortuna Photographed by: Cliffy Fifi Cortuna Photos Edited by: Cliffy Fifi Cortuna Editing Apps: Snapseed & Adobe Lightroom

Camera: Huawei Y6ii phone


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