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The Professor (2014)

by Robert Bailey(Favorite Author)
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1909223581 (ISBN13: 9781909223585)
Exhibit A
review 1: I bought this book on Kindle because the author works in the same law firm as my niece's husband. I like to give new authors a try. WOW. This is by far one of the BEST books I've read! The story pulls you in from the beginning, and I could not put this book down. The characters were believable. They made you cry for them and cheer them on. I am hoping this is the first of a series. Please, get started on your next book!
review 2: If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, you would have come across me raving about the publishing house, Angry Robot and the subdivision Strange Chemistry (young adult). This is an Exhibit A book, another subdivision (is that even the right word? Imprint? I don't know. All I know is...CONTINUING TO BE AWESOME) of
... more Angry Robot. I have not had a disappointing read from Angry Robot yet. I don't understand how this is possible at all, but it's come to the point where I'm barely reading blurbs. I just fall to my knees and beg for an ARC to read or just fork over money to buy the book. This book...is no exception to the Angry Robot Rocks A_TiffyFit's Socks rule. Incredibly satisfying, THE PROFESSOR revolves around legal drama and the human condition. Men and women alike will enjoy this superb, fantastic story. Can I toss in any more adjectives? Okay, but then I might lose your attention. Moving on...The cast of characters, every single one, are relatable in that their personalities are recognizable as someone familiar to you, whether from your own life or movies, and that makes them believable. You connect with them in some way very quickly. They are incredibly well-developed and fully nuanced. The main character of this story, the professor, is a man you wish all men were like. He is a man of great reputation, highly respected not only among his peers, but also by those who are outside of his career, well into their lives and life experiences: judges, other professors, students, businessman, townfolk in general, and many many more. Even with all of that kind of deference and minor "stardom", the professor remains a humble man of principle to the core of his being. He is a man who had loved his wife throughout their long marriage and continued to do so even long after her death, remaining loyal and loving of her still with memories. How can we, the women readers, not adore that and be wistful and wanting of the same? How can a male reader read that and not want to emulate? The story opens around a law case and of a circumstance involving his professorship. Within this circumference, the reader gets to know him, the professor, Tom McMurtrie - ex-attorney, husband, father, and the man. The case and circumstance at the university where he teaches tests all that makes up the man, especially his honor and reputation. I found the courtroom scene suspenseful and heart-pounding. I was utterly captivated by this story and bruised my kindle turning the pages as I became deeply enraptured and involved. As with all the great kindle bruising novels, there is of course the villain and his cronies whom you love to hate and wish on them a horrible end. These villains also spring from the page in these wholly recognizable, incredibly believable characters. You can't believe, at first, that they are real human beings and yet at the same time you know that they are. Although you cannot wait for the end of this book to discover what has happened, you wouldn't dare skip a single word because you do not want to miss any of the deliciously palpable details. Not a morsel. This is a must-read novel for me. One that I would recommend whole-heartedly to anyone who knows how to read. Yeah, that's right. Not just the genre junkies, but anyone. If I were teaching still, I'd probably make this a required reading of my high school students for the strength of character the professor has alone. This is one of those books that you want to read and discuss. And you'd even learn a little about our court system, especially the civil courts. In case you haven't noticed yet...I thought this was a fantastic read. :) less
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This is my idea of a perfect book! Best one I've read in a long time!!
John Gresham for Alabamians--and I say about time.
Wonderful story!
Martha rec
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