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Dolci Di Love (2011)

by Sarah-Kate Lynch(Favorite Author)
3.34 of 5 Votes: 5
0452296757 (ISBN13: 9780452296756)
review 1: I truly enjoyed this book. I was skeptical at the beginning because it started out so negative. The main character was very weepy and dependent on her cheating husband. However, as the story moved on I really loved the characters in the book. I didn't love the ending of this book and I think that's where I down rated it. I would have preferred the main character to maintain her independent and free-spirited self that I had come to love throughout the book. I think the story line has been done before, but this was a fresh take on an old idea. I would read other book by this author.
review 2: I like chick lit as much as anyone. Something light and fluffy, not too serious, set in Italy, lots of lucious food and wine, good looking wealthy people...what's not
... more to like. But honestly this book got very stupid as it went on. the only thing that kept me going was the old ladies with their secret club and match making craziness. As soon as Lily started thinking of forgiving her really scummy husband, all because he had the child she couldn't have, as soon as the hunky Allesandro was turned into a "man whore" making us , I suppose, not want Lily to attempt a relationship with him, and when her scummy husband's Italian woman (and mother of said child) turned out to be mentally ill...well, how convenient for everyone concerned. Lily never opened a can of soup but now she's not only baking from scratch the cantucci but supplying the bakery and running the store. Come on now. Oh, and the miraculous conception and miracle baby with a stranger. Ick. The ending was pat and ridiculous. No one was jealous, no one was angry, no one seemed to feel anything weird about their lovers and children ending up with other people. Throw in the reconciliation of Alessandro and his estranged daughter, it was like making instant soup...no muss no fuss, hi how have you been for the last 20 years...yeesh....Ridiculous and for me, a waste of time. The only thing this book did for me was make me want a biscotti and a nice glass of vino. Oh wait, make that 2. This book really sucked. less
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A nice enough story but a bit weak and predictable. Good for a light holiday read maybe.
DNF. Life is too short to read books that are not wonderfully written. Enough said.
This was a cute book, I found myself laughing a lot and picturing it as a movie.
a good book that i enjoyed very much
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