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A Gangster's Melody (2000)

by Sean A. Wright(Favorite Author)
4.27 of 5 Votes: 4
review 1: It was a good book. Not one i would get keep on my shelf, but it held my interest to read the sequel to this book. One thing i did not like, but i cannot blame the author for this because i know this is amazon doing because this is the third e-book i have where the title, acknowledgement, or company was on every other page. And the good point that its a good book. Good read for some rainy days. GOod storyline and it showed tha tthe author was trying not to fall under the typical good girl/drug dealer type of storyline. so for that, all praises go to Sean Wright. Now the reasons for the lost points was one the grammar was all correct. so that was half a star because i know my spelling and grammar is not always up to par. But the beginning was slow and the ending was wasn't ... morelike i thought it was. I mean, if he would've ended it with the chapter before the last chapter, then it would've been better. another thing i did not like was soo much of the narration. I mean, the way it started out was good with Tiffany and Travon, but then you have the situations popping out as well as other characters narrating without you knowing who it us until you get further down the line. If he would've put the names of the characters who was narrating on top of the chapter then it would've been better. Its a good read, not great. I know i can't give half's but i give it three and 1/2 stars.
review 2: OMG, started this book and thought I would finish it in a couple of days! I WAS GLUED to the pages for four hours until I finished it! I was shouting out and my heart was racing throughout! It started out being just good but the tempo increased steadily. I didn't even want to stop to take potty breaks! It defnitely wasn't the normal urban story, it totally threw me for a BIG LOOP!!! There has to be a part two because book one left me with my mouth hanging open! It was a very entertaining read!!!! I will be looking for more books by Sean Wright for sure!!!! Great work Sean!!!! less
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Very good read! I highly suggest reading this book if you like drama and unexpected twist and turns.
this book was a good book it definitely is recommended by me!
Loved this book!! Crazy twist in the end!!
This series was surprisingly good!!
Best ending!!!!
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