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Bakuman, Volume 3: Debüt Und Ungeduld (2011)

by Tsugumi Ohba(Favorite Author)
4.27 of 5 Votes: 5
3867197997 (ISBN13: 9783867197991)
Viz Media
review 1: We learn about the politics and controversies of the life of a mangaka, including dealing with rivalries, publishing contests, how to fit in relationships. The twists in this one involve the two friends separating for a time, and one working as an assistant for their crazy genius competitor for some time-out you know, this is entertaining and enlightening about the trade. Most of the people doing this work are very young--our central heroes are just in high school now--so the appeal to teenagers is obvious.
review 2: Shujin and Saiko have run into a block in creating manga, and while Shujin takes summer break off to storyboard by himself, Saiko gets himself an assistant job with none other than Eiji Nizumi.I'm glad that we get to see more of Eiji in this volume
... more. He is still an off the wall character, I'm pretty sure that he always will be, but we got to see him in a tiny bit of a more "normal" mode in this volume.We see some of how Azuki is advancing when it comes to her desire to become a voice actress, as we get to see that she has gotten a small part in an anime. Miyoshi discovers her dream in this volume. However, I thought that this was a rather weak part of the story. Miyoshi's 'dream' is to become a cell phone novelist, but in reality, this seems to be more of a ploy to spend more time with Shujin, as she has him help her out/has him write the novel for her. There is also quite a lot of distracting fan-service centered around Miyoshi in this chapter. All I could think during certain scenes was 'surely boobs don't actually work that way? I've never seen them move like that.' I know, manga physics and all, but the sudden attention being drawn to that aspect of her just seemed slightly out of nowhere.Overall, a good volume with some flaws. less
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For some reason I liked this less than the first two. Anyhow ill give the next one a chance
suka suka suka semangat mereka!mimpi dan impian memang harus diwujudkan. :)
see review for vol. 20
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