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Fall Into The Sun (2012)

by Val Kovalin(Favorite Author)
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Alejo and Bobby
review 1: I was given a free copy of this book by the author for an honest review. Wow what a love story. I loved the way the story was told; from both points of view and with flashbacks. It made feeling/understanding what the MC's, Bobby and Alejo, were going thru during the present and made you want to fight just as hard for them to get together for their HEA...22 years later.Bobby & Alejo meet and become friends at age 6 at age 14 they expressed more than friendship for each other at age 18 there is an ugly break up. The next 22 years were spent with them both leading their own separate lives.Alejo married and had two kids (twins)and Bobby moved away became a lawyer and lived his life as an openly gay man. Even though the two men grew up together they both grew up very differe... morently. Alejo grew up with both parents at home and they owned a restaurant. So Alejo was more middle-class suburbian. Which I guess from the outside looked very ideal not that Alejo had a bad homelife. But Alejo had a lot of family pressure on him being the youngest, the only male, and the only child still at home. So there was always that need to please others and be more concerned about what others thought than doing what made him happy. Where as Bobby was pretty much in a single parent home with three older brothers headed to the same fate as their father. Bobby was physically and verbally abused by his two older brothers while growing up. We don't see the mom much so I don't know if she just didn't care or just didn't know what was going on in her house. Despite all of that he did not become a drug user or dealer. I really like the relationship Bobby has with his brother Isidro he tried hard to protect his younger brother from the older two. Isidro may not have liked that Bobby was gay but that did not stop him loving him. Finally 22 years later they still have to face the demons that try to keep them apart. All I can say is love finds a way...
review 2: Rainbow Writers & Readers > February Book ChallengeLet me first say it’s wonderful to be introduced to a story that features 40-somethings, a nice change of “venue”. This contemporary romance, from the beginning, is well written, engaging. The characters, both primary and secondary are fleshy, alive and intriguing. Alejo and Bobby are wonderful main characters as they kept the romantic premise active, genuine and captivating. Thank you Susan for the delightful selection. I truly enjoyed the read. less
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Loved! Review to follow but this is definitely one I would read again.
♥A modern day Brokeback Mountain (Minus the ending)
Very enjoyable. Recommend.
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